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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich

Election of Delegates

How to Election
Instructions for the Election of VAUZ Delegates to University and Faculty Committes Spring 2024

eVoting Tool 
for PhD Students, Postdocs, Student Assistants, Assistants, and Senior Assistants
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Seats and Candidates
Candidates ST 2024

Election in Institutes
Election in Institutes, Departments, Clinics

Candidate - Vote - Participate for our University of Zurich

Thank you for your Participation and Good Luck 🍀

💙 mater almat - alma matrem 💙

Welcome to the Election of VAUZ Delegates 2024-2026!

Term of office August 1, 2024 to July 31, 2026

According to the election regulation, all seats will be newly filled!

The election is divided into two stages:

1. Candidacy phase from 09.04.2024 to 10.05.2024

a. Candidates can register their candidacies from 09.04.2024. You will receive a link via email to register your candidacies.
b. You will receive a confirmation email once you have entered your candidacy.
c. The election tool creates an individual link for you.
d. Your colleagues can use this link to support your candidacy. 
e. Send the link to your colleagues and ask them to support your candidacy till 10.05.2024.

2. Election phase from 24.05.2024 to 11.06.2024

a. On 24.05.2024 you will receive the link to the voting tool via email.
b. Now it's time to vote.
b. Support candidates with your vote to elect them as VAUZ delegates  till 11.06.2024.

The following number of seats are to be filled:

University committees: 21
Cross-faculty committees: 5
Faculty committees: 41

The election results will be announced on 12.06.2024 via VAUZ Election Results

Thank you for your participation in the VAUZ delegate election 🌺and good luck 🐞🍀

Schedule Election of Delegates Spring 2024

Announcement of elections / nomination phase  Tuesday, 9. April 2024
Deadline for nominations  Friday, 10. May 2024
Publication of candidatures on website  Thursday, 16. May 2024
Delivery of election documents, e-voting online  Friday, 24. May 2024
End of election  Tuesday, 11. June 2024
Deadline for institute elections  Tuesday, 11. June 2024
Communication of election results  Tuesday, 12. June 2024
Confirmations of election  UZH Executive Board  / Extended Executive Board  Tuesday, 25. June 2024

UZH Committees

VAUZ elects delegates to 137 Committees of the University (status spring 2024).

21 University Committees and Commissions

05 Cross-Faculty Committees

43 Committees and Commissions in Faculties

68 Committees at Departments / Institutes / Clinics

List of UZH Committees


eVoting-Tool of the Representative Bodies

To elect the delegates, an eVoting tool has been developed.

VAUZ provides the election tool for the election of delegates to university, cross-faculty and faculty committees.

The election in  institutes, seminars or clinics are usually carried out independently in election assemblies in the respective units. For an electronic election, it is possible to use the eVoting-Tool.

Contact to use the eVoting-Tool.

The Regulation for the Election of Delegates of the Representative Bodies of the University of Zurich

According to the Regulation for the Election of Delegates of the Representative Bodies to the Governing Bodies and Other Bodies of the University of Zurich (Elegtion Regulation, in German), effective as of 01.04.2020, the ordinary election of the delegates of the representative bodies in university and faculty committees as well as in committees of seminars, institutes and clinics takes place every two years. Each semester, vacant seats can be filled in a by-election.

UZH Representative Bodies and Representative Body Associations