Elections and By-Elections

General Elections of the Representative Bodies at the UZH

The general elections of the delegates of the Junior Researcher for university and faculty committees as well as for committees at seminars, institutes and clinics take place every two years, for the first time in June 2020 in accordance with the new election regulations.

From 2020, the elections will be carried out electronically for the university and faculty committees using the bodies' e-voting tool. More information can be found here.

The elections at the level of the institutes, seminars or clinics are carried out independently at the respective units.

Important: We are also looking for a deputy for each advertised seat. The new deputy rule is as follows: § 22. 1 The candidates who have not been elected assume the function of deputy delegates in the order of their number of votes.

Dates and Deadlines for the Fall Term By-elections

23.08.2021 election announcement

13.09.2021 deadline submission candidacies

05.10.2021 publication candidacies

22.10.2021 e-mail election documents

05.11.2021 final election day

12.11.2021 publication election results

Here you will find descriptions of the individual commissions and committees where Junior Researchers have representatives. On the right hand side, you will find documents on how to proceed with a candidacy. You can apply here:

Important: Candidates must now be supported by people from the Junior Researchers. For university committees you need 10, for faculty committees 5 signatures from Junior Researchers eligible to vote at UZH level or at your faculty. Instructions can be found on the right hand side or here.