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A warm welcome to the academic mid-level (Mittelbau) at the University of Zurich!

As a PhD or a doctoral student employed at the University of Zurich (whether financed by SNF, third-party funding or directly through the UZH), you belong to the academic staff. From now on, the association of the academic teaching and research staff of the University of Zurich (VAUZ) represents your concerns to the University of Zurich.

  1. The VAUZ takes a stand on university legislative processes and the members of the VAUZ-board represent the academic teaching and research staff in all university committees. Thus, the VAUZ ensures that the position of the academic teaching and research staff of the University of Zurich remains favorable, or gets even better!
  2. The academic teaching and research staff meets many demands: from teaching to administration, right up to supporting the professors in their research. How to make time for one’s own research? Very often, academic teaching and research staff members are in weak legal positions. In such situations, the VAUZ is intervening for a condition improvement of each individual belonging to the academic staff.

The VAUZ is dependent on your membership! Only by having a large number of members, the VAUZ is well supported by the academic teaching and research staff and, this way, it can truly exercise the representation of the academic staff. And, not least, will your membership secure the continuation of this important advocacy.

Your membership benefits:

  • You will receive valuable advice and active support in case of questions or problems concerning your employment, your functional specifications document and your position as a doctoral student. At the VAUZ you will always find a sympathetic ear!
    As an international PhD candidate or postdoc, the International Scholars Center is your place to go in case of non-academic questions regarding UZH and life in Zurich:
  • You will be informed and networked:
    See especially the services of the Graduate Campus; a subscription to the mailing list is highly recommended:
  • The VAUZ membership gives you the opportunity to be actively involved in the University of Zurich politics. The President of the University of Zurich supports your political commitment and encourages you to count your efforts as part of your working time.

Become a VAUZ member for CHF 48.- per year and strengthen your own position and the one of your academic teaching and research colleagues!

Join the VAUZ
Kind regards,
Your VAUZ,
Wolfgang Fuhrmann und Georg Winterberger (Co-Presidents)

Download VAUZ Letter Admission to Doctoral Studies Spring Term 2017