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Candidates Fall Term 2022

Welcome to the VAUZ!

The VAUZ (Association of Junior Researchers at the University of Zurich) is the  community/body of doctoral students, postdocs and scientific staff at the UZH. The VAUZ is organised as an association under private law with its own statutes and has been alive and kicking for over 50 years thanks to the unwavering political commitment of individual members of the mid-level staff. As a PhD candidate or postdoc you belong to the representative body of the junior researchers (in German Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs, WNW) of the University of Zurich. With more than 7000 members, we represent the second largest interest group at the UZH after the students - more than 4000 employees belong to the WNW, plus another 3000 doctoral students without employment at the UZH.

Our concerns:

  • Participation and co-determination
  • A safe, positive and professional working environment for junior researchers at the UZH

The VAUZ board consists of Mittelbau employees committed to the representation of the interests of our members concerning university and educational policy – not only within the UZH but also vis-à-vis the authorities and the general public. Furthermore, we offer advice and support to our members of staff, and organize events so you can exchange ideas with other junior academics.

The main task of the association is to ensure that their UZH members can exercise their rights of co-determination: we coordinate the consultation procedures within our representative body and elect the bodies’ representatives on the Board of the University, the Senate, the Extended Executive Board of the University, the permanent committees of the University, the faculty committees and commissions, and the assemblies of the departments and institutes. The rights and obligations of the UZH and the VAUZ  are determined by a performance agreement.

The VAUZ represents all UZH employees that are part of its political body, but with your membership fee you can actively support our work.