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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich

VAUZ Board Meetings

VAUZ Agenda

VAUZ Schedule 2024

VAUZ Board Meetings

Mittelbau delegates to faculties, commissions and committees form the Extended VAUZ Board.
The board meets 3 times per semester for board meetings. The board meetings are open to the public. Interested UZH mid-level faculty members are invited to attend meetings. 
Meeting materials will be provided via teams.

VAUZ Managing Meetings

The VAUZ Managing Board meets one week before the meetings of the Extended VAUZ Board to prepare the meetings. Meeting documents are made available via teams.

Adding Agenda Items

Agenda items may be submitted by UZH mid-level faculty members up to 20 days prior to the next meeting.

Senate Meetings 2024

Spring 2024

Monday, 10.06.2024, 16:30

Fall 2024

Monday, 25.11.2024, 16:30

UZH - Stab - Senat

UZH Committees and Agenda

UZH Commissios and Bodies are appointed by the University Executive Board (UL) and the Extended University Executive Board (EUL) Agenda UZH Gremien