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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich

VAUZ briefly introduced

Realisation: Oriana Schällibaum, VAUZ Präsidium, und

UZH Body of Junior Researchers

The VAUZ (Vereinigung akademischer Mittelbau der Universität Zürich) is the body of doctoral students, assistants, senior assistants and postdocs of UZH. VAUZ is organised as an association under private law with its own statutes and is committed to the improvement of the working conditions and research conditions of the academic mid-level staff/junior researchers ('Mittelbau')—the largest group of employees at UZH, with over 6000 or more than 50% of all UZH employees. In 2018, the VAUZ celebrated its 50th anniversary—the VAUZ has been serving the academic mid-level staff for 51 years now.

Representation of UZH Junior Researchers

The VAUZ represents the interests and concerns of of all the junior researchers at the University (Mittelbaus) and is active in university politics. We organize the political participation of the junior researchers and organize the elections of our delegates and  write opinions and statements on university consultations and university/education policies. Furthermore, we offers advice and support for its members of staff and we organize events so you can exchange ideas and network with other junior researchers and mid-level staff. We also support your research trip, your workshop etc. through our conference fund (Tagungsfonds).

Organization of VAUZ

The Extended VAUZ Board meets once a month during the semester and consists of the delegates in university commissions and committees as well as the delegates in the faculties. The VAUZ board is elected at the annual general meeting, to which all members of the Mittelbau are invited.

Why get involved?

Junior researchers have to deal with a variety of demands: Teaching, administration, research support for the professor, and not least his or her own research project. In addition, we are often only employed at the university for a few years and on short-term contracts. It is, therefore, all the more important that we make sure that our concerns are heard and that we continuously represent our interests in order to improve the situation and working conditions of the Mittelbau constantly. We only have a voice, if we are active!

We are always looking for fellow-researchers willing to represent the body of the junior researchers and their interests and concerns in committees, commissions, etc. However, the language spoken at the University of Zurich is German (French or Italian are also possible)—thus, some German knowledge is indispensable.

A list of current vacancies can be found here. To apply for an office, write to

Membership in the VAUZ is voluntary; however, with your membership you help us represent you and the entire Mittelbau as effectively as possible.

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About the Mittelbau

Realisation: Oriana Schällibaum, VAUZ Präsidium, und

50 Years VAUZ

with Heinz Nigg by Sherin Attoun and Anna Portmann on the occasion of the 50. birthday of VAUZ

♥ 50 Jahre VAUZ ♥

50 Years VAUZ

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