About Us

What does «academic mid-level staff» incorporate?

VAUZ represents the interests and concerns of the non-professorial academic staff at the University of Zurich. The term «mid-level staff» does not only incorporate research assistants, however. Whether or not you belong to the group represented by our association depends on the following two possible situations:

a)     You are employed at University or the University Hospital. This is the case when you are working directly at an institute, or you have received research funding for your PhD or PostDoc project, or even when you are simply giving a one-hour lecture.

b)     You are employed as a research assistant including a PhD or PostDoc project. Such positions incorporate working for an institute or seminar, as well as working on a research project. They are meant to further your academic qualification.

Based on this definition, the following are defined as the academic mid-level staff: assistants, senior assistants, interns and residents (in medical staff), sometimes even students (when working as research assistants without a degree or as tutors), as well as private lecturers and assistant professors. The latter as well as the students at UZH do, however, also have their own associations and representatives. VAUZ is, among other things, there to represent your interests within your employment.

What is VAUZ?

VAUZ is organized under private law with its own articles of association. The board meets once a month during the semester and is composed by all of the mid-level delegates at the individual faculties of University of Zurich. The association represents the interests of the mid-level staff in academic consultations and political issues concerning education. Once a year, during the Annual General Meeting of VAUZ, to which all members of the mid-level staff are invited, the board elects representatives for the various academic committees and bodies.

Within academic life, VAUZ holds a prominent role. University’s mid-level staff faces a vast number of expectations in their positions: Academic teaching, administration, as well as the regular assistance to the assigned professor in their research. The cheaper workforce is used to do a huge part of the workload - especially in the current climate. Very often, the mid-level staff is thus put into a difficult position. When are its members supposed to finish the scientific papers they are hired to write? In such situations, it is crucial that the academic mid-level staff organizes itself. VAUZ makes sure that, in the face of the vast amount of duties, the staff’s rights are not neglected. It is there to improve the employment of this particular part of the academic staff.