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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich


What does VAUZ mean?

VAUZ is the abbreviation for Association of Junior Researchers of the University of Zurich.

What is VAUZ?

VAUZ is an association and represents the concerns of doctoral students, assistants and scientific staff on qualification positions within and outside the University of Zurich.

How long has VAUZ been around?

VAUZ was founded on July 11, 1968 by 106 mid-level faculty members who wanted to represent their scientific and professional interests at UZH and in public.

What is the mid-level faculty?

The following persons belong to the middle-level staff:

  • Assistants and senior assistants
  • Doctoral students and postdocs
  • Assistant physicians, if employed at the UZH
  • Senior physicians on qualification positions, if employed at UZH

Why is the VAUZ needed?

1. the VAUZ represents the scientific and professional interests of the entire academic mid-level staff of all faculties, both at the University of Zurich and in public.
2. it advocates that the academic staff be granted their rightful position at the university with appropriate co-determination in research, teaching, service and university self-administration.
3) The VAUZ issues statements on university policy issues in general and in particular on those concerning the University of Zurich. In this way, it can advise the management of the UZH on how to promote the academic mid-level faculty.
4) The VAUZ informs its members regularly about university and university policy issues.
5. the VAUZ elects delegates to university committees and commissions at its annual general meeting. The VAUZ delegates represent the interests of the academic mid-level staff there. The university provides a list of the UZH commissions and their tasks on its website.
Today, the VAUZ is an indispensable, formative shaper of the UZH. In countless meetings, an impressive number of members of the UZH mid-level staff worked for the prosperous development of the university over decades.

What does VAUZ offer?

1. The VAUZ takes a stand on university consultations and the members of the board represent the mid-level staff in all university committees. In this way, VAUZ ensures that the position of the mid-level staff at UZH remains good and becomes even better!
2. Many demands are made on the mid-level faculty: from teaching to administration, to supporting the professors in their research. Where should there be time for their own research activities? In these situations, VAUZ is committed to improving the position of each individual member of the mid-level faculty.
As a mid-level expert, VAUZ offers valuable advice and active support in questions and problems regarding employment, job specifications and the position as a member of the UZH mid-level faculty. The VAUZ is always ready to listen.
4) The VAUZ provides quick and competent information on topics concerning the academic mid-level staff.
Under the label 'Zurich Academics', VAUZ, AVETH and the UZH Graduate Campus organize social events for the academic mid-level staff. The events are not only a place to celebrate, but also to strengthen or establish new private and professional relationships.
6 VAUZ administers a fund for the promotion of junior academic events. Members of the mid-level staff can apply to this fund for money for their projects.

Who can become a member of VAUZ?

If you are a member of the UZH mid-level staff, you can become an active member of VAUZ and stand for election to university committees and commissions at the UZh election of the delegates of the representative bodies.

UZH - University of Zurich - Representative Bodies and Representative Body Associations

How do I become a VAUZ member?

The registration takes place via UZH - Association of Junior Researchers of the University of Zurich - Join the VAUZ
Membership begins with signing up.
Currently, there is no membership fee.

How can I cancel my membership?

Cancellation of membership may be communicated to the VAUZ Secretariat by mail to

Why should I become a member of VAUZ?

There are several reasons for this:
1. you are a member of the academic mid-level staff and would like to help shape UZH as your employer by participating in university committees and commissions.
2. you have a political interest in supporting the UZH and the UZH mid-level staff.
3. you want to be informed and networked.
4. you would like to support junior scientists.
5. you want to ensure the quality of scientific work.

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