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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich

UZH Committees

VAUZ delegates Junior Researchers to 26 university-wide commissions and committees. In addition there are the commissions of the faculties, institutes, seminars and clinics.

We represent and promote the interests of Junior Researchers at UZH or the relevant faculty through the respective committees. We are exercising the right of the representative bodies to have a say in the university law and university regulations. With our expertise, we also make an important contribution to the further development of UZH in terms of university policy and academia.

Please note: The elections at the level of the institutes, seminars or clinics are carried out independently in the respective units. At up to max. 50 persons per unit, the elections can take place in electoral meetings on site. If there are more than 50 persons, the elections must also be carried out in writing or electronically. To do this, contact the person responsible. You can find more detailed information on the elections at institutes, seminars or clinics hier.

Commissions are permanent bodies. Working groups, on the other hand, are called together for a specific purpose and for a limited period of time and are dissolved again after the project has ended. The same applies to temporary commissions.

The three highest committees at UZH are as follows:

The General Secretariat is responsible for processing the electoral affairs of these university-wide commissions, in which members of all bodies of UZH are involved and represented, and keeps a current list of them. As a rule, the delegates are elected for two years.