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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich

Further Cross-Faculty Committees

Term of office: § 21. 1 The term of office of the delegates is two years, unless the rules applicable to a committee provide for a different term of office.

The new deputy rule is as follows: § 22. 1 The candidates who have not been elected assume the function of deputy delegates in the order of their number of votes.

Seats for which there are no nominations/delegates remain vacant for the time being. By-elections will be held every semester to fill seats that are/ have become vacant. The next by-elections will take place in HS 2020.

Awards Committee of the Graduate Campus (GRC): 7 Seats

The Awards Committee is the strategic advisory and assessment body of the UZH Graduate Campus. Its main tasks are the assessment of applications for GRC grants and advising the Board of Directors on the further development of funding instruments.

Legal basis: Geschäftsordnung des Graduate Campus der Universität Zürich, 01.01.2016

Website Awards Committee

The seats on the awards committee of the GRC are distributed across the faculties so that the WNW is adequately represented from all faculties.

ASVZ Board: 1 Seat

Private law association for the organization of cross-university services in the sports sector

The purpose of the association is to promote sport on a voluntary basis for all students and members of the universities in Zurich. The ASVZ has 21 member associations that cover competitive sports in various disciplines and that are constantly expanding the ASVZ offer.

Legal basis: Statuten ASVZ, 26.5.2016

Website ASVZ Board

Commission of the Psychological Counseling Services: 1 Seat

Commission of ETH and UZH

The PCS Commission receives the activity report of the Psychological Counseling Services and deals with current projects, changed framework conditions and targets defined by the Rectorate.

Legal basis: Vereinbarung UZH ETH, 1.6.2016

Website Commission of the Psychological Counseling Services

VSAO Foundation Board: 1 Seat

The board of trustees is the supreme body of the foundation and is composed on an equal footing. Employee representation is elected by VAUZ.

As a community foundation, the VSAO pension foundation aims to provide occupational pension provision within the framework of the Federal Act on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans and its implementing provisions for medical and senior physicians, other employed doctors and other academics in further training.

Legal basis: Stiftungsreglement, 1.1.2020

Website VSAO Foundation Council

WOKO, Board of Student Housing Cooperative Zurich: 1 Seat

Student housing cooperative Zurich

Woko rents, manages and creates affordable living space for students and doctoral students.
The members of the cooperative are legal entities; on the part of UZH, these are VSUZH, VAUZ and UZH alumni.

Legal basis: Statuten Woko Studentische Wohngenossenschaft, 18.4.2013

Website Woko