Elections at Institutes/Departments/Clinics

There are a number of committees at the level of the departments, institutes, and clinics, which are likewise organized on the basis of co-determination. The general institute regulations stipulate the participation of the representative bodies in the "Institute Assemblies (IA)", individual institute regulations regulate the number of delegates of the bodies*. An overview of institutes with institute regulations and institute assemblies can be found here.

NEW: all elections can be held in election assemblies (regardless of the size of the electoral body). However, it is still possible to hold electronic elections if prefered (the schedule will be different, however!). 

For each advertised seat we are also looking for a deputy.


  • 18.10.2022: latest date for announcement of the elections at the institute and communication of the date for the election meeting; deadline for submitting candidacies 2 weeks before election meeting at the latest
  • 01.11.2022-15.11.2022: period for election meeting to be held
  • 16.11.2022: Deadline submission of election protocol to VAUZ

For electronic elections: the dates and deadlines follow the university-wide election.

Quickguide for elections at your institute, department or clinic

Detailed information can be found in the leaflets on the right.

1. determine one or more responsible persons from the Junior Researchers at your institute to organize and conduct the election.

2. determine who is allowed to vote; either via internal address lists or by ordering the addresses from  VAUZ.

3. determine the date for the election meeting; the last possible date is always the last day of the election period.

4. at the latest, 4 weeks before the election date, officially announce the elections.

5. check the candidatures. These must each be supported by at least two eligible voters. The candidatures must also be submitted to the VAUZ for review.

6. no later than 2 weeks before the election date: announce the candidates.

7. if there are as many applications as seats, there will be a "tacit election". Fill in the election protocol (see template).

8. if there are more applications than seats, the election is held and you fill out the election protocol (see template)

9. send the election protocol to VAUZ for safekeeping.

10. Inform your Junior Researchers and the Head of Department on the result of the election.

Note: Make sure it is clear who runs to be delegate and who wants to be deputy delegate.