VAUZ General Assembly 2022

Monday, 21.03.2022, 16:00-18:00, followed by an apéro, RAA-E-30

After what feels like forever, we are excited to meet you all in person!

The General Assembly (GA) will run from 16:00-18:00ish, followed by an apéro. If you can't make it to the GA proper, you are also more than welcome to just join us for a glass of wine, a beer and some snacks at 6pm!

We are looking forward to celebrating another busy VAUZ year with you and discuss the activities ahead!

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1) Welcome and Agenda Approval 16:00
2) Election of Vote Counters 16:05
3) Approval of Minutes of the General Assembly 2021 16:10
4) Annual Reports: VAUZ Board and the Executive Board Sections 16:15
5) Annual Reports: VAUZ Delegates 16:40

6) Finances

1. Financial Statement 2021

2. Audit Report 2021

3. Discharge of the VAUZ Board

4. Budget 2022 (including approval membership fee)

7) Election VAUZ Executive Board 17:15
8) Guest Speaker 17:30
9) Varia 17:55
Apéro 18:00


VAUZ Executive Boards – Elections

Co-Presidency: 2 seats

candidates: Lisa Rieble (incumbent), Hannah Schoch (incumbent)

Section General Higher Education Politics: 2 seats

candidates: Florence Bourquin (incumbent), Ermis Mitsou (incumbent)

Section Career Development for Junior Researchers: 2 seats

candidates: Ulrich Brandenburg (incumbent), Philip Zimmermann (incumbent)

Section Events: 2 seats

candidates: Jason Aebischer (new)

Section Communication: 2 seats

Auditors: 2 seats


contact for more information.