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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich

Third-Party Funded Staff

Since 1.1.2004, third-party employees have been treated the same as cantonal employees in terms of employment law. Employment contracts are now concluded between three parties: The donor, the university and the employee(s). However, this does not change the fact that the money, although via UZH, ultimately comes from the donor, and therefore the donor may also set the salary.

Which Wage Class?

Since the alignment, third-party funded employees have to be classified according to the salary classes of the university. However, since the salary paid by the SNSF is lower than that of the university, employees with third-party funding are placed in a different salary category for the same job.
Third-party funded employees keep their previous salary, but also their previous duties. After equalization, they do not have more duties than before, but the same as before.

What is the benefit of this equality

The protection under labor law is higher. This applies to continued payment of wages in the event of illness or accident, pregnancy protection, etc. In addition, years of service with third-party funds will be recognized in the same way as years of service with cantonal funds; for many, there will therefore be seniority gifts and legal advantages of high seniority, such as better protection against dismissal and longer continued payment of wages in the event of illness.
When switching from cantonal to third-party positions and vice versa, the employer now remains the same. For foreign employees, this means that they no longer have to obtain a new permit from the aliens police each time they change jobs.