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Association of Academic Mid-Level Faculty Staff of the University of Zurich


In the handling of expenses, travel allowances and conference fees, there are considerable differences not only between third-party funded and cantonal employees, but also from faculty to faculty, from institute to institute and even from chair to chair. In the case of externally funded employees, the chances of receiving travel allowances from the university are slim. In principle, such expenses should be covered by the third-party funder.

Small Survey

A small survey of the VAUZ Board has revealed the following faculty regulations (non-binding, as of March 30, 2004):

  • In the Faculty of Philosophy there were regulations for travel allowances. The regulations could be obtained from the institute secretariat or on the homepage of the faculty.
  • In the Faculty of Economics there are no faculty regulations. Travel expenses and related expenses are regulated by the chair credits.
  • In the Faculty of Law there is no faculty regulation. Travel and related expenses are regulated by the chair credits. In addition, the faculty has an additional budget of 150/person per year for continuing education events.
  • In the Faculy of Theology, requests are made to the faculty. Generally, up to two conference visits per person per year are funded, sometimes more if this does not exhaust the funds. Addendum of 4/30/18: Travel, lodging, registration fees, and the like for conferences and seminars are reimbursed through the group leader, but the group leader should be informed in advance. Furthermore, PhD program-associated doctoral students may receive additional financial support through their programs.

Exceptionally, costs incurred through conference attendance, if not otherwise covered, may also be covered by the VAUZ conference fund.


Reimbursement for official expenses is regulated in accordance with the Executive Order to the Personnel Act (paragraphs 64 and ff.). These rates also apply to employees of the University.

Travel abroad must be requested and approved with a travel program and a cost calculation in the Human Resources Department. Approval applications for travel abroad by third-party employees are not explicitly regulated (in the guidelines under paragraph 27).