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Wahlen anlässlich der eurodoc Generalversammlung 2021

A Guide to eurodoc (PDF, 242 KB)

eurodoc Statuten

Offene Positionen im Administrativen eurodoc Vorstand

- President = leads the organisation and represents Eurodoc legally and officially

- Vice-President = supports and takes over from the president when necessary

- Treasurer = responsible for the organisation's finances and financial transactions

- Secretary = responsible for communication and archives and tracking activities

- 3 x General Board Member = choice of topics such as the Annual Questionnaire

Offene Positionen im eurodoc Sekretariat

- Secretariat-Coordinator = coordinates activities of secretariat members and liaises with the board

- Financial Controller = critically checks the finances and financial transactions and financial reports

- Policy Officer = writing and contributing to policy statements and reports, representative in Initiative for Science Europe (ISE)

- Legal Officer(s) = responsible for reviewing contracts and agreement with Stakeholders and internal Governance; managing personal data and images 

- Data Manager= responsible for internal data management and storage of data and documents

- Skills Officer = responsible for developing skills policies and liaising with our skills stakeholders

- EOSC Officer = responsible for developing EOSC and cloud policies and liaising with EOSC stakeholders

- Council of Europe officer = responsible for supporting the Eurodoc delegation at the Council of Europe

- BFUG Officer(s) = responsible for collaboraboration with Bologna Follow-up Group (BFUG)

- External Communication Coordinator = responsible for liaising with the board, coordinating the activities of the communication team, and issuing press releases
- Social Media Officer = responsible for messaging and interacting via our social media channels

- Newsletter Officer = responsible for collecting and publishing content in our monthly newsletter

- Language Officer = native English speaker responsible for checking and correcting Eurodoc texts

- Webmaster = responsible for maintaining and backing up the Eurodoc website 

- Working Group Coordinator = coordinates activities in a specific working group, such as Open Science

Offene Positionen für die Koordination der 12 Arbeitsgruppen

- Democracy-Sustainability = discussing and monitoring policies on academic freedom; discussing approaches of sustainability in research and academia

- Doctoral Training = discussing and developing policies on doctoral training and skills development

- Equality = discussing and developing policies on equality with a focus on gender, ethnic and cultural diversity, and special needs

- Finance = a closed working group (i.e., Eurodoc members only) focusing on Eurodoc finances and funding

- Governance = a working group (i.e., Eurodoc members only) on Eurodoc governance and regulations

- Employment & Careers = discussing policies on employment status and conditions, and career development

- Interdisciplinarity = discussing and developing policies on improving interdisciplinary collaboration

- Mental Health = discussing and developing policies to raise awareness and improve mental health

- Mobility = policies on mobility with a focus on intersectoral and geographic mobility and brain drain

- Open Science = policies on Open Science with a focus on Open Access and -Data, and Citizen Science

- Policy Research = discussing and developing general policies for early-career researchers and Eurodoc

- Research Integrity and Assessment = discussing and developing policies on research assessment, research integrity and integrity projects



Dr. Rashmi Rai-Rawat, actionuni Co-president

and actionuni eurodoc representative

- eurodoc President

- Board:

- Communication coordination:

- Office:

- Working Group Coordination: