Vacancies for ad interim elections

Seats for which there are no candidatures at the official elections remain vacant for the time being. According to the election regulations, the VAUZ Board can fill vacancies through ad interim delegations until the next official elections. Official by-elections are held each semester to fill vacant/vacant seats.

Here you can find a detailed descriptions of all the committees and commissions.

The new deputy rule is as follows: § 22. 1 The candidates who have not been elected assume the function of deputy delegates in the order of their number of votes.

Vacancies in University Committees

  • ASVZ Board: 1 seat 
  • Catering Commission: 2 seats 
  • Senate: 1 seat 
  • UZH Graduate Campus Awards Committee: 1 Seat MNF

Vacancies Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


  • Institute of Romance Studies: Institute Assembly, 1 seat

Vacancies Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

  • Faculty Assembly: 1 seat (Informatics)

Vacancies Faculty of Medicine

  • Faculty Assembly: 2 seats 
  • Commission Sex and Gender in Medicine: 1 seat 
  • Research Commission: 1 seat 
  • Dissertation Commission: 1 seat

Divisions MeF

  • 1. Woman and Child: 1 seat 
  • 3. Internal Medicine: 2 seats 
  • 4. Clinical Neuroscience and Psychiatry: 1 seat 
  • 5. Surgical Disciplines: 1 seat 
  • 6. Cross-Section Subjects: 1 seat
  • 7. Dentistry: 1 seat 


  • Institute of Anatomy: Institute assembly, 1 seat
  • Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine
  • Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute
  • Institute of Experimental Immunology
  • Institute of Primary Care
  • Institut für Implementation Science in Health Care
  • Institute of Laboratory Animal Science
  • Institute of Medical Genetics
  • Institute of Medical Microbiology
  • Institute of Medical Molecular Genetics
  • Institute of Medical Virology
  • Institute of Molecular Cancer Research
  • Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Institute of Physiology

Vacancies in the Faculty of Science

  • Research and Career Development Commission, 1 seat


  • Department of Geography: Department Assembly, 1 seat
  • Department of Physics: Department Assembly, 2 seats