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Elections of the delegates of the Junior Researchers

The general elections of the delegates of the UZH Junior Researchers to university and faculty committees as well as to committees at the seminars, institutes and clinics take place every two years. The first time general elections were held in June 2020 following the implementation of the new election regulations. By-elections elections take place every semester.

As of 2020, the elections are carried out electronically for the university and faculty committees using the e-voting tool of the representative bodies. The elections at the level of the institutes, seminars or clinics are carried out independently in election assemblies at the respective units.

Dates and Deadlines UZH General Elections Spring 2022 (university and faculty committees)

  • 20.09.2022: Election announcement – call for candidacies
  • 18.10.2022: Deadline candidacies
  • 01.11.2022: Delivery of election documents (e-voting opens)
  • 15.11.2022: last election day (e-voting closes)
  • 18.11.2022: Publication of election results
  • 13.12.2022: Election confirmation by UL/EUL

Dates and Deadlines Institute Elections

NEW: all elections can be held in election assemblies (regardless of the size of the electoral body).

  • 18.10.2022: latest date for announcement of the elections at the institute and communication of the date for the election meeting; deadline for submitting candidacies 2 weeks before election meeting at the latest
  • 01.11.2022-15.11.2022: period for election meeting to be held
  • 16.11.2022: Deadline submission of election protocol to VAUZ

For electronic elections: the dates and deadlines follow the university-wide election.