UZH Fund for Academic Career Development

What is the UZH Fund for Academic Career Development

The VAUZ manages a conference fund for the promotion of scientific conventions and congresses at the University of Zurich. The contributions to this fund come from the University and from VAUZ membership fees.

Granted are requests for contributions to conferences organized by the "Mittelbau" of the University of Zurich. Partially, also costs are covered incurred by attending meetings; but only if these costs can not be covered otherwise (see also the information on Spesen und Reisekostenzuschüssen).

The requests are reviewed and approved by the VAUZ Board; they can be submitted to the Secretariat.

Applications will be treated once a semester at the second meeting of the Board. Requests have to be submitted by the end of February and the end of September.

Applicants are advised to study beforehand the rules of the conference fund as well as the leaflet about the application formalities. There are no request forms available.

Regulations VAUZ Conference Fund April 2013 (PDF, 296 KB)

Guidlines VAUZ Conference Fund 2020 (PDF, 435 KB)